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Nick Hyde, Duluth Minnesota's wedding and special event violinist, plays wedding ceremonies and special events. The perfect music for a wedding is important, and Nick's ability to play a variety of styles means that the music can be entertaining and enjoyable for all. 


It's not uncommon for Nick Hyde to provide classical music for the wedding ceremony, background jazz/pop for dinner/cocktail hour, and be a DJ violinist for the dance party! 

Nick Hyde is an innovator in the field of MIDI violin, a new style of violin playing where the violin is used as a MIDI controller. The violin's pitch, volume, timbre, vibratto, and all the mathematical nuances of the violin can be analyzed with technology and used to play keyboard patches and synthesizers live on stage.

Through the power of Ableton Live and Max for Live, Nick Hyde can use MIDI violin to live loop electronic music on stage. 


Nick Hyde combines the violin and technology to bring your favorite tunes to life. Though Nick Hyde is classically trained, he's not just a classical violinist. Though he fiddles around on his instrument a lot, he's not quite a fiddler either. 

Nick Hyde is an electric violinist. By combining violin and technology, Nick Hyde puts on a very unique show that is guaranteed to entertain. 

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